Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Listing down the best movies of Philippine cinema will take time so I decided instead to feature a list of 10 among the many cult classics of Philippine cinema.

First one on this list would then be “TEMPTATION ISLAND”. A cult classic directed by Joey Gosiengfiao in 1981 which featured Dina Bonnevie and Alfie Anido. The movie deals with a group of young men and women with different personalities who were shipwrecked and found themselves stranded in an island. One memorable image in this film is where they posed behind a giant ice cream in the middle of what seems like a desert in the said island.

Another set of cult classics which are identified with the bomba films of the 70’s are the following:were

1. UHAW (1970) – This film is directed by Ruben Abalos and stars Merle Fernandez, Tito Galla & Lito Legaspi

2. NYMPHA (1971) - This film is directed by Celso Ad Castillo and stars Rizza and Alona Alegre

We should not forget the star-studded bold drama flicks produced by Emperor Films International. Among this movies are the following:

1. MANANAYAW (1978) – This film is directed by Lino Brocka and stars Chanda Romero and Phillip Salvador in FAMAS nominated acting performance.

2. PANG-ADULTS LAMANG – The Film is directed by Emmanuel Borlaza and stars Elizabeth Oropesa, Chanda Romero, Trixia Gomez, Alona Alegre, Eddie Gutierrez, Dindo Fernando, Ronaldo Valdez, Ruel Vernal, Anita Linda, Bella Flores, Mary Walter, Romeo Rivera and Freddie Yance

3. SARI-SARING IBONG KULASISI – This film is directed by Elwood Perez and stars Alona Alegre, Trixia Gomez, Vivian Velez, Chanda Romero, Eddie Gutierrez, Ronaldo Valdez, Panchito, Zenaida Amador & Sandy Garcia.

4. DALAGANG INA – This film is directed by Nilo Saez and stars Vivian Velez, Beth Bautista, Tina Monasterio, Celia Rodriguez, Eddie Garcia, Dindo Fernando, George Estregan, Eddie Gutierrez, Anita Linda, Mary Walter and Tony Carreon.

5. BABAENG MAKASALAN… LALAKING SALAWAHAN – This film is directed by Pablo Gomez & Rod Meyer and stars Alona Alegre, Marissa Delgado, Beth Bautista, Vivian Velez, Eddie Garcia, Marlon Ramirez, Freddie Yance, Bert Leroy Jr, Nova Villa, Benda dl Rio, Lucita Soriano, Dexter Doria & Virgo Antonio.

6. LALAKI, IKAW ANG DAHILAN – This film is also directed by Gomez-Meyer and stars Charito Solis, Celia Rodriguez, Ellen Esguerra, Brenda del Rio, Elizabeth Oropesa, Eddie Gutierrez, Bert Leroy Jy, Freddie Yance, Virgo Antonio, George Estregan, Anita Linda, Blla Flores, Tita de Villa, Bibeth Orteza, Tony Carreon & Dencio Padilla.

Agrix Films produced also bold dramas featuring big name stars and provided launching vehicles to some of the hottest stars during their time and among these movies are:

1. MGA HUWAD NA MANANAYAW – The movie is directed by Danilo Cabreira and stars Charito Solis, Pilar Pilapil, Beth Bautista, Lorna Tolentino, Robert Arevalo, Rez Cortez, Eddie Garcia, Victor Laurel, Raul Aragon, Ellen Esguerra Tony Santos, Anita Linda & Rustica Carpio. This film is now available in DVD format.

2. BIYAK NA MANYIKA This film is directed by Emmanuel Borlaza and sevd as the launching vehicle to stardom of Janet Bordon. His leading man is Phillip Salvador and supported by Gloria Romero, Alicia Alonso, Brenda del Rio, Ruby Anna, Chona Castillo, Manny Luna, Romeo Rivera, Ramon Recto & May Walter

The films mentioned below are those that have interesting star combinations

1. HUWAG HAMAKIN: HOSTESS – This is a film directed by Joey Gosiengfiao and features Nora Aunor and Alma Moreno with Orestes Ojeda and Vilma Santos in a controversial guest appearance.

2 MENOR DE EDAD – This film directed by Ishmael Bernal is produced by Seven-Star Productions and stars Rio locsin, Amy Austria, Chona Castillo, Anna Marin and Malou Uson. And supported by Vic Silayan, Marco Sison, Ronald Bregendahl, Dondon Nakar, and Sandy Andolong.

3. MISS DULCE AMOR INA – This film is also produced by Seven Star Productions and stars Lorna Tolentino & Eddie Garcia.

4. BALATKAYO – Produced by Phil. Films Intl, this film is directed by Luciano B. Carlos and stars Alma Moreno, Trixia Gomez, Eddie Gutierrez, Roel Vergel de Dios, Ruel Vernal and Tito,Vic & Joey. The film features 10 hottest singers of the time which includes Sharon Cuneta and Anthony Castelo .

Latest cult classc masterpieces would include:

1. VIRGIN PEOPLE – This film shown in 1983 is directed by Celso Ad Castillo and stars the triumvirate of Myrna Castillo, Coca Nicolas & Pepsi Paloma with Ernie Garcia.

2. ZSA ZSA ZATURNAH – The film stars Zsa Zsa Padilla & Rustom Padilla.

How I wish I can watch these movies now not necessary for artistry but purely for nostalgic entertainment as I cannot watch the above mentioned films before for I was still young and video wasn’t availale then except for ‘Temptation Island’ which was the first film I watched as a teen-ager. I watched Virgin People when it was shown in the local theaters during the Manila Internatinal Film Festival and Zsa Zsa Zaturnah on DVD.

Please feel free to write additional information and or reaction or comments on the said films. Also I would be glad if you can share your ideas on some of other Filipino classics which you have in mind. Till my next blog…